Waterlase MD

On the leading edge of endodontic care

The  Waterlase MD  laser  Dr.  Choby uses during root canal treatment and root end surgery.
Laser technology has advanced almost every area of dentistry in recent years, and root canal therapy is no exception. At Laser Endodontics at Tysons Corner, endodontist Dr. Mary Ann Choby doesn’t just work with laser technology, she specializes in it. When you refer your patients to her, you can trust they are getting the most skilled, state-of-the-art care available.

The Waterlase advantage

The laser uses energy to stimulate tissue areas and reduce bacterial counts to levels approaching sterilization. It works well on all tissue types without the heat, vibration or noise of a drill. Dr. Choby’s Waterlase MD laser system offers patients greater comfort, promotes faster healing and decreases postoperative pain. 
Pictures shows  how  the  waterlase  works  inside  the  tooth.