Office Pictures

 8133 Leesburg Pike
 8133 Leesburg Pike
 8133 Leesburg Pike

We’re in the 8133 Building on Route 7/Leesburg Pike in Tyson’s Corner. Left picture is the view across the street. Middle picture is the view going east on Route 7. Right picture is the view going west on Route 7. Notice, we’re in the same building as the Olive Garden Restaurant. 
 Laser Endodontics of Northern Virginia front of building
 Laser Endodontics of Northern Virginia lobby
 Lobby Entrance

Shown is the lobby entrance of the 8133 building. There is a garage and 2nd floor entrance, pictures coming soon; patients typically enter through the lobby.  As reminder, we’re located on the sixth floor in  suite 610. 

 Front Desk
 Waiting Room
 Laser Endodontics of Northern Virginia waiting room

Welcome to our office! Our front desk and waiting room. 

 Sterilization Room
 Op Room
 CT Room
Our sterilization/supply room; our op-room, this is where we complete our root canal treatments; our CT room, here we determine some of our most complex cases.
 CT Scanner
 CT Image one
 CT Image two

Our Carestream CBCT scanner has been essential to help us determine some of our most difficult cases since 2010. It’s helped us figure out what is the best course of treatment for the patient. 

 Laser one
 Laser two
 Laser three
Our Waterlase MD Laser; this apparatus is used to clean out and disinfect the canals during root canal treatments. During root-end surgeries, we use it to create an access area on the gum to expose the end of the root. We find that using the laser helps decrease post-op pain. 
Work Area 

Our work area and microscope. We recently had our microscope updated and it’s been a great asset to our treatments.