Root Canal Treatment in Merrifield, VA

Do you need root canal treatment? You or your dentist may have noticed some of the telltale signs that indicate infected tooth pulp, such as swelling and temperature sensitivity. If so, your dentist has likely recommended you for root canal surgery or treatment. If that’s the case, we’re grateful for your interest in Laser Endodontics LLC and the careful and precise services of Mary Ann Choby, DMD, MS in Merrifield, VA.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a non-surgical option to treat infected pulp at the center of your tooth. This treatment will use local anesthesia and may require a few visits to achieve the desired results. This option is common and effective when dealing with unwanted tooth sensitivity and pain.

Root Canal Surgery

Sometimes, extra treatment is required to save your teeth. In those cases, endodontic surgery will be recommended. This procedure can successfully pinpoint hidden canals and fractures not visible on x-rays. Surgery can be an effective way to treat damaged root surfaces and nearby bone.

If your dentist has recommended root canal treatment or surgery, turn to the experienced practice of Mary Ann Choby, DMD, MS, at Laser Endodontics LLC. She’ll provide the skilled and gentle care needed for tooth restoration.